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About Us

Qualified Instructors

Dojo Cho Sensei Reitan has over 30 years  of training and instruction in 9 different styles of authentic traditional martial art systems.

Traditional Japanese Dojo

Our dojo (training space) is very beautiful, clean and adheres to

 Japanese Martial Art Tradition. 

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to offer to you the best and most qualified Martial Art instruction available, & to offer this in a safe and non competitive environment. 

Sensei Reitan & 

Gaia Reitan

Owners & Operators

Sensei Reitan and Sempai Practicing Ukemi


Shinjutsu Ryu Aiki

The Art of Peace  (Aikido) is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba.

Aikido is often translated as "the way of unifying (with) life energy or as "the way of harmonious spirit." Ueshiba's higher calling was to create an art which unified all martial arts as a template for unifying all beings, creating harmony on Earth.

90 per month (includes all classes)

Ladies Only Aikido

This Basic Aikido class is for Ladies only. The focus is on foundational principals of Aikido as well as ,conditioning and fun. This is a separate class from the regular schedule, however it is open to all women in the regular Aikido program and is included in your monthly dues. 

50 per month

Aiki Bujutsu

The term Aiki Jujutsu/ Aiki Bujutsu is not a style of Martial Art, but rather a description.   

It is a point in time when the effective war arts (Budo) and spiritual philosophy intertwined,  

Aiki Bujutsu is a high level, intense, full and complete system it is not a mixed martial art or a combining of modern martial arts.   

Our program is a non-competitive effective and efficient Martial Art which  

is taught with the idea of self preservation with a conscience.  

150 per month (includes all classes)

Aikido for Kids

These classes structured around the first principal of Aikido, which is to blend or harmonize with conflict. We emphasize, respect for ourselves and others, group cooperation, self-awareness and conflict resolution.  A bi-product of learning to be aware of and work with others on many levels, students learn what it means to be a responsible member of a safe and caring community.

65 per month

Weapons Classes

We teach not only the use of, but also the disarming of weapons.​

The use of tools and weapons are included in the monthly classes.

We do occasionally offer weapons training workshops.  Inquire within if interested for private day or weekend workshop.

Study of the Internal Arts

Ki/Meditation Classes Tuesdays at 5:00 PM.     

Improve your awareness, focus, circulation, vitality, flexibility and strength.                                                         


Cost: Donation


"Sensei Reitan has an understanding of the fundamental use of Aiki that few ever get to experience, let alone learn to do themselves. If someone wishes to study Aiki, they should learn from this man!” PP:  Sandpoint, ID 

“Never having taken a martial art class until age 64, I was intimidated at first.  However, increased agility, flexibility and improved balance are some the rewards of this discipline. 
One could not find a more supportive or encouraging atmosphere. Sensei Reitan, Gaia and Pierson are true professionals in addition to being kind and loving beings!”  JS,     Sandpoint,ID

When I first entered the Takayama dojo,

 I immediately felt welcomed. 

Sensei Reitan, Gaia, and Pierson hold the space at the dojo to create a safe, loving, and fun environment for all ages to come roll around on the mat.

 I am very grateful to the dojo and its community. Since I’ve been practicing aikido, I have noticed a higher sense of confidence, stability, balance, calmness, and maturity. My awareness has grown and I’m in general more present in my everyday affairs. 
K L:   Sandpoint, ID

My name’s Zac, I’m 18 years old and have been taking classes at the Takayama dojo for over a year now. 

I’m extremely content with my decision to start learning Aikido. It not only opened other doors (like chi classes and self-defense classes), but it has improved my mood and the way I interact with the world.

 I was searching for a more spiritual practice, and I landed in the right place. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging, and allows you to learn more about yourself.
ZS: Sandpoint,ID

In my 2 years of practicing Aikido with Sensei Reitan here in Sandpoint,

I have always felt individually appreciated and encouraged to excel. I personally needed that. I enjoy each and every workout - which are always different - you never know what to expect. Its always a new and exciting learning experience. 

Sensei Reitan is such an excellent teacher.  You can here a pin drop in the dojo when he is demonstrating, because everyones attention is wrapped up, due to the most obvious mastery that is unfolding in front of us. 

We are unbelievably blessed to have this world class Sensei here in our little Sandpoint, ID!  

This softer Martial Art is soooo much easier on my 62 year old body than Karate used to be - and it evokes deeper more spiritual feelings/awarenesses out of me. 

I love "finding the holes" that come with learning how the body of my partner (Uke) "wants" to move (rather than me using my force against his/her). I've discovered that I'm actually growing spiritually - while getting great exercise - and experiencing a wonderful sense of community here in the Sandpoint dojo - all at the same time!  What a blessing!

RG:  Sandpoint, ID

Aikido with Sensei Reitan, has had a powerful impact on my life. It has challenged me physically, emotionally, and spiritually in ways that I could never have comprehended before I began training. As a result, Aikido has facilitated my growth as a person, and has allowed me to connect with others in a way I would otherwise never have been able to achieve.
PP,    Sandpoint, ID

“We discovered Takayama Dojo by happy accident in the fall of 2015, and it has become one of the reasons we have stayed in Sandpoint.  The positive energy and love that emanate from Sensei Reitan and Gaia his wife, is infectious.  
The dojo community that they have built has become like family, and we cherish the opportunities to thrive together. When I saw the growth in my children (ages 7, 10, 16) after only a few months in the dojo, I wanted to become an aikidoka (student of aikido).  My husband also joined the dojo, and our family is growing together as we play and practice on the mat. 
All the dojo students, young and old, have varying levels of ability and awareness, and we are all being challenged together…we learn from each other in a welcoming, safe, respectful environment.  And we are blessed by the wisdom and expertise of Sensei Reitan, who exhibits a gentleness, grace and a calm that belies his incredible strength, speed and martial mastery. His teachings are both simple and complex on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  
The art and practice of aikido is a multi-layered experience that speaks to every aspect of our lives…it is exquisitely graceful and exceptionally practical, it touches heart, body and mind. Learning the ancient art, craft and heart of the samurai is incredibly meaningful, and practicing on the mat at Takayama Dojo is also great fun!”
GS,    Sandpoint, ID

Pierson and Albert Shomen Uchi Ikkyo

Gaia and Guys Practicing Kokyu Nage

First time in our dojo?

The best days to come and watch are Mondays & Thursdays.  It is best to call ahead so that we can prepare for your warm welcome.  

Our dojo is very friendly, as we understand how it can seem rather challenging and intimidating to just walk into the door. 
You will be greeted and shown around by either the one of the owners or one of the students.

Any questions you have will be answered. You will be invited in to either watch or to participate in a class . We  highly recommended to participate in class, as its the best way to get a feel for our aikido community. Should you decide to participate, we will take care of you. We will suit you up with a gi (uniform).
Join our closing circle at the end for sharing or questions for Sensei Reitan (teacher) and or the group.

What is expected of you.

To take off your shoes 

To ask questions

To enjoy yourself

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We believe that Aikido is for everyone! In our Aikido Program, we do not turn away beautiful bright children, or young adults who truly have the desire to practice the way of harmony.  There are many families that do not have the means. We currently have 4 children on scholarship with one partial sponsor. The fee for one child is $ 65.00 a month, plus a gi  (uniform) are $30.00.  We are grateful for your giving and ability to assist a child/children/young adult, giving them opportunity to learn and grow. 
Also, we would like to thank you for supporting us as teachers and honoring us for what we have to bring and share with our community. 
NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL...We are very grateful for your willingness to support another.

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